Why are there bugs on the floor?

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Because many wood board, particle board and other materials are used in the home decoration process, and there are many wooden structure furniture, it is easy to grow insects when encountering suitable temperature and humidity, and without professional deworming before processing .

But the worms on the floor are not necessarily the fault of the floor. Not all the worms are caused by the wooden floor. For qualified wooden floors, there is generally no insects. Many owners pay attention to the quality of the wooden floor when paving the wooden floor, but often ignore the quality of the wooden keel. If the water content of the wooden keel is too high or the wood itself is not dewormed, it may bury hidden dangers. What should I do if there are bugs on the wooden floor? It's time to find a solution.

If the wooden floor is worm-eaten on a small area, it can be solved by injecting kerosene with a syringe, but this method will have the residual odor of kerosene and can only be used on a small area. It is best for the owner to seek a solution from a professional wood floor seller in time, and a regular wood floor company will have professional personnel come to remove the insects.

In addition, some owners use insecticides to remove insects by themselves. If the method or agent is wrong, it will not only fail to achieve the purpose of insect removal, but it may also delay the good time for insect removal. Therefore, it is recommended that you try not to use this method.

Some people think that sprinkling a layer of charcoal ash, charcoal or pepper on the ground before paving the wooden floor can effectively prevent insects. In fact, this approach is not desirable. Although charcoal ash and charcoal can absorb moisture in a short period of time, they do not digest moisture and are often released again, which also fails to achieve the purpose of moisture prevention. And the practice of putting pepper is not advisable, usually dried pepper can repel insects, but many examples show that it is often because of damp infestation that infestation on wooden floors.
The production of insects requires proper humidity and temperature. Therefore, if there are insects on the wooden floor, the main reason is that the floor is damp, so the key to preventing insects is moisture. Therefore, a good way to prevent insects is to do an extra layer of moisture-proof treatment on the ground when installing the wooden floor, or apply an extra layer of moisture-proof paint.


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