Will solid wood floors swell up and recover by themselves?

Date: 2020-09-09   Hits: 1598

If the solid wood floor is not paved or is damp, swelling may occur. Generally, the bulge should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid accelerated floor collapse. Some people who don't know about the floor will think that the solid wood floor will recover by itself when it swells up?

It is impossible to recover on its own, but if it is manual intervention, it can be recovered in most cases.

1. When the solid wood floor is bulging, you can remove the arched wooden block and the surrounding floor, so that the arching phenomenon can be relieved after a normal time of ventilation.

2. If the area is relatively large, after prying open the floor, wait until the ground and keel are dry before laying it back.

3. If only the gaps between the wooden floors are blocked and the floor blisters, then the things in the expansion joints can be cleaned up to recover.

4. If the bubbling area of the wood floor is very small, and the diameter is less than 2cm, it can be polished and repaired directly at the bubbling position, but the color and texture should be consistent with the surroundings, and this method is more suitable for solid wood composite flooring.


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